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Q: What is the inspiration of building Grand Crystal?
A: We have been inspired by the luxurious residences in California and other places in the world, to bring the ultimate dream home becomes reality as the finest home of luxury living with having all the best.

Q: Why Grand Crystal is the most luxurious home?
A: Because Grand Crystal is the most outstanding world class standard housing project that leads the market as the benchmark of luxurious home as well as its excellence with unrivalled reputation.

Q: What are the major elements in selecting the ultimate home?
A: Selecting the ultimate home is very important, it includes the luxurious architecture plan and functional design, the community concept and facilities, the neighborhood, the high standard of quality, the best location, the professional service team to customize the clients’ need and after-sales services.

Q: Why Grand Crystal is the most valued to customers?
A: As you can understand that buying a luxurious home is the long term value for the future of the family. Therefore, everything K.E. Land provides for the customers is the best quality and most valued that customer can compare and realize that the most valued means Grand Crystal.

Q: How does Grand Crystal’s function meet the best living lifestyle?
A: We have studied the luxury living lifestyle combining with our experiences on our high class customers, the functional design of Grand Crystal will highly meet the best living lifestyle and we also provide the customized service that can meet all your requirement.

Q: What if we prefer to customize the plan, will Grand Crystal enable to do for us?
A: Absolutely yes, we can ensure that the customized plan will perfectly match you and your family such as enlarging the room and the garage, having extra spa pavilion or personal fitness gym room with garden and pond. Those are very simple in our experiences.

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